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To see women set free, empowered, and families restored.

What is RizeUp Women's Ministry?

Rizeup Women’s Ministry is a Parachurch Ministry. We want to partner with churches across the Piedmont Triad area. Equipping the body of Christ to help women coming out of incarceration

and rehabilitation. Rizeup Women’s wants to partner and offer resources to the church as well

as the individual in need. We will also be a resource for institutions and rehabilitation. We feel

God is calling this ministry to Bridge the Gap!

Too many times you see women successfully complete a program only to go straight back to

the only place they know without any help or resources. Sometimes these places can be toxic

and only offer a way straight back where they started. The transition process is very

overwhelming for individuals and is a very crucial moment, this season can make or break a

person. They need our help during this time more than ever.


On the other hand, there are also very few churches that are equipped to handle the ongoing

crisis at hand. We have seen churches with the desire but just not having the knowledge and

tools. We want to partner with the local churches to help them gain knowledge and walk with

them in this area offering resources and support. This can be a great opportunity to build your

outreach ministry or add another layer.

  • Training Mentors to walk with women coming out of incarceration and rehabilitation teaching them things to look for and how to help navigate them through different hurdles and situations.

  • Helping them find and connect with different resources in the area that will benefit the different needs.

  • Offer a RizeUp Women’s Support Group to meet at their church.

  • Partnering and being a resource for them.

Things We Would Like To Help The Church With

Things We Would Like To Help Women With

  • Develop a deeper relationship with Jesus! Helping them see themselves through the lens of their heavenly Father.

  • Help them get connected to resources they may need that will help them be successful.

  • Offer a support group, creating a safe place for sharing and healing.

  • Walk with them and help them reconnect with their children and family.

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